…now what?

I’ve been meaning to create one for a while, but have always been putting it off. Dappled a bit into looking for software and work flows and all that. What finally pushed me to get on with this was the need to have somewhere to publish stuff about the impending doom of all our WiFi devices and the plan to fix it. So I’ll return with a post about that.

Blogging tech

Of course, I can’t very well have a first blog entry without talking about how I finally decided to build my blog. So I will, although I’ll keep it short:

  • It’s built on Hugo, which is a static site generator written in Go. It’s wicked fast, and the resulting site can be put anywhere. And I can write content in my favourite editor in markdown format, have it all be source controlled, etc, etc.

  • I ended up going with the nofancy theme, to which I have made a fair number of (mostly minor) adjustments to get things to where I liked them. Probably more tweaks to be had as I get more familiar with it. Fortunately, that’s quite easy.

  • I played around with hosting the whole thing in the cloud, using Amazon’s web services. Since that supports static hosting from their S3 service, optionally using the CloudFront CDN as a front-end, no virtual server was needed. I did get it to work, even using this handy guide to get SSL support. Unfortunately I goofed with the SSL certificate (CloudFront only supports up to 2048 bit keys), so couldn’t use it. And since that was the whole point, I decided to forgo the cloud for now. Besides, configuring all the layers of caching to get a reasonable (i.e. low ) delay after I update things until it becomes visible was more trouble that it was worth.

  • No comments yet. I don’t want to use Disqus, so will have to figure out a way to host something myself. Probably Discourse.