So it seems more than four years have passed since I wrote that last “nearing the end” entry. Well, as the update in that last entry indicates, the end did come, and I managed to finish my PhD studies the good way (I have a nice diploma on my wall to prove it an everything!). The thesis is even available in real dead tree form, for free!

Fast forward another four years, which I’ve spent as a kernel engineer at Red Hat, working primarily with BPF and XDP (I maintain xdp-tools for one thing), but also dapple a bit in the queueing and WiFi worlds still (as a maintainer for sch_cake and the ath9k WiFi driver). And, well, a lot of stuff that I really can’t list all here.

During all this time I for some reason didn’t find the time or inclination to write any more blog posts. So this site has sadly languished for some time. But, as they say in the Monty Python pet store, it’s not dead, it’s just resting! And with this, I’ll hereby announce my intention to take up blogging again and try to at least occasionally write something here that someone may or may not find interesting 😅

Stay tuned for more!